At Bet Yeladim, We believe that the education of young children is an effort shared by all who care about them. Involvement of our families and communication between home and school is the key to our success.When you choose Bet Yeladim you are not only choosing a school, you are joining a community.

The Bet Yeladim Alumni Association (BYAA) serves to bring former and current Bet Yeladim families together and to assist in building the school for the future. Visit our Facebook page.

Many of our parents are also former Bet Yeladim students and all are invited to join in our monthly "Restaurant Nights," our family programs, and are welcome to visit the school at anytime.

Please consider donating to Bet Yeladim or the BYAA. All donors will be acknowledged on the Bet Yeladim Donor Recognition Board and in our seasonal newsletter. All donations are tax deductable.

Donations can be sent to the school c/o Bet Yeladim Alumni Association.Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about the BYAA and how you can get involved

You may also donate to Bet Yeladim using Paypal (Paypal accepts major credit cards) Please click the “Donate” button below if you care to do so.